Monday, 5 January 2015

Christmas Excess

I am not against the idea of Christmas, and I am a sucker for traditions and Yorkshire puddings. But like New Year's Eve, Christmas Day itself is always a let down because there is too much pressure and guilt involved, and too much emphasis on stuff.

This year we went to the inlaws. We were completely spoiled with presents, to the point where I stopped Boo from opening any more as it was all too overwhelming for a two year old who would've been just as happy with a cardboard box. 

I really like my inlaws and am always very appreciative of their generosity, but at someone else's house you have to have the Christmas that they're used to, and for most people Christmas means tons of presents and spending the whole day preparing and eating dead animals. I am just not that kind of person and I've always wondered if there's something wrong with me because I don't like the reality of Christmas, but like many staples of society I've finally come to accept that it's not me that's the problem. 

In my everyday life I am really trying to be less of a consumer, ever more conscious of what other people don't have, and of the inequal division of the planets resources. I don't think Christmas was meant to be about abandoning your beliefs and indulging to excess just because you can. And even if that is what it's about these days, after 29 years I am bored of it.

We played the logo game on Chrismas day. The game rewards you for your knowledge of brands and I was good at it. I didn't feel like a winner though, I felt quite disgusted by how much unnecessary marketing rubbish I have assimilated from my environment and stored in my subconcious. Surely it's taking up space for more meaningful things?

The best Christmas I've had was when I volunteered at Crisis. That's not really possible with a toddler, but as next Christmas will probably be her first one on memory, I want to make a good first impression.

This is my plan for next year:

- Let everyone know I will be giving £100 to charity, and that I don't expect any presents from anyone else

- Go away somewhere remote where we can walk and read and sit by a log fire, playing board games and decorating home made cookies

- Watch only the best Christmas films and Dr Who of course

- Have a vegetarian Christmas dinner for all my veggie and veggie-sensitive friends

That is all and it will be marvellous!

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