Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Why child care doesn't work

Boo tried nursery for 3 months. It was ok. I never felt like she Loved it though, she was fine when I left her, but burst into tears every time I collected her. Like 'where have you beeeen?!'. She didn't eat much of their food, and was probably watching TV quite a lot (they call it quiet time). It's ok for me to let her watch TV on occasion, but not for someone who's paid to look after her. In the three months she was there she had a runny nose the entire time, so all the time I had left with her was spent wiping snot or trying to find tissues to wipe snot. Needless to say she also took quite a few days off due to various bugs she caught there. In total, the money we wasted on those missed days cost us the exact same amount of profit we were taking home from working. A total waste of time of money.

I did a lot of childminder research and the results of that weren't so great either. They're just as expensive as nursery, if not more. What would be the point of working if I only have £10 profit left from the day?!

One childminder had a dog, the type that teenage boy gang members like, locked in the garden. So that was a no. I was also expected to pay fees while we were on holiday And while the childminder was on holiday. Double no.

Another I visited was on the 6th floor with no lift, a death trap balcony and greeted me in their living room whilst watching Jeremy Kyle. Again, no.

The last had an ADHD 10 year old son and a messy flat with really oppressive hospital type lighting. 

I sort of gave up after all that. And besides, even if I found the perfect child care, we exist on one income so Daddy is daycare for now. It's free, he takes care of Boo when she's ill, he gets the shopping in, and with some persuasion even comes on holiday with us.

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