Saturday, 17 May 2014

Reasons to have another baby

I am not actually considering having another baby for real. That would be ridiculous. But I have become very interested in the reasons why people decide that subjecting themselves to double the amount of torture is a good idea.

Here are my personal most favoured reasons (which coming from a sleep-deprived mind may not be entirely sound):

- increasing the longevity of this blog. I've grown quite attached to rambling.

- Well I've got all the stuff now, highchair, buggy, car seat, cot, a billion toys and a trillion clothes. And most of its hardly been used. I'm not one for wasting anything.

- As much as I hate the things to be hated about being a parent, I love the things to be loved a lot lot more. Apparently it only gets better with 2.

- They can play together. Thus finally leaving me free to do my own things (ha, as if)

- I'm intrigued to see what another Boo would be like. Another version of the same genes. I'm a big fan of science. 

- If it's a boy then he can still get away with wearing most of Boos old clothes (there are some benefits to being fierce anti-gender-stereotype-types)

- A planned second baby is a sure sign that we've made it in life. Proof we have risen up from the hard times and messiness of the unplanned first one, now with jobs a flat and the impression that we know what we're doing.

- I want another crack at the childbirth thing, I think I could do a lot better next time now I know what to expect. Basically, start the gas & air asap then demand an epidural at the correct time, read magazines while pushing. Simples.

- Also ickle babies are soooo cute, and I kinda miss all the cooing attention from strange old ladies.

I think the reality though, is we're still a long way off from being financially and emotionally stable as a family to bring another sweet living thing into our crazy world. 

But, I want Boo to have a sibling, I promised her that I won't subject her to the same lonely hell I went through as an only child. So, with any luck there will be another baby one day, but its certainly not in the pipeline (or fallopian tube?!).

Tiny Baby Boo :-)

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