Wednesday, 10 April 2013

'these are the best days of your life!'

Being a baby is ultimately as good as it gets. Everyone loves you, even total strangers think you are the shizzle. And you really are. Life is sweet. You want for nothing and if you do, just make yourself heard and within a few minutes the world is yours. Food, comfort, love and cuddles, a constant stream of new toys and clothes and every outing is an adventure.

Adult life is really a pathetic attempt to emulate those days we once spent as babies. Except the whole thing is one giant struggle. We have to work at rubbish jobs for over priced food, clothes and adventures, strangers are mean and love hurts. So we continue with this farce until eventually giving up to have our own babies and experience happiness once again, vicariously.

The lesson in all this is to truly appreciate the time you spend as a baby. Oh Boo, if only you had the mental capacity to understand this lesson and remember how good you have it right now. This is why I write this blog, so you can remember.