Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Proverbial Career

So it's nearly a decade (!) since I left full time compulsory education (if you include A levels). And this year I have a baby. Following society logic I should have by now managed to establish my place in the world, build a career from which I can take maternity leave, shop for a house, meet and marry the 'one'. I wasn't one of those girls whose 'career choice after school is instantaneous pregnancy'. I got good grades, I pass myself off as 'middle class', so one presumes I've made the choice to be a career woman before settling down. Once again I fall in between the cracks of society's clearly laid out and labelled benchmarks.

It seems to me that in a country where women (supposedly) are equals and have choices and careers, we're still only given a handful of acceptable choices. Unfortunately abortions rank quite highly, because to have a baby, to switch lanes, confuses people, it has confused me too.

Luckily I am quite used to embracing confusion, falling down cracks and being placed in square holes when there's a shortage of round ones. Does that even make sense? Probably not, so maybe I have made my point. The career will just have to wait.