Monday, 17 March 2014

Still on the breadline

We found out yesterday that we are not entitled to any benefits. This is sort of a good thing as I really don't want to be on benefits but I also don't want to be poor and working hard just to survive and end up with nothing left over. Which is essentially what we are doing. Surviving on £600 per week to pay for all rent, bills, childcare, travel and food, which is soon to decrease to £400 when R's contract ends (although eliminating childcare costs because Daddy Daycare is free).

So the idea of having no money (despite working!) is depressing. Hence I'm trying to figure out how to earn more money. Especially as now my job may be on the line too, great. For the first time ever I let Boo watch CBeebies, so I could finish a job application. The distraction of 20 minutes was perfect, thank you In The Night Garden, although this may turn into a curse later on...