Thursday, 20 February 2014

The working mum routine:

I work 3 days a week at a very nice architects firm, with nice people, my tasks are not exactly rocket science, I leave work at work and I'm out by at 5.30pm, my days are flexible and for an admin job it's surprisingly well paid. I am super lucky. Also I didn't even have to apply for this job, I went for an interview thinking that I didn't even want it. That's always the way. Still, working while having a baby is a seriously hard and tiring thing. Here is my current routine:

Get woken at 5.30am by Daddy's alarm (and again after he snoozes it 5 times!) I try to sleep more until either 6.45am or baby wakes up.

Get up, dressed, breakfast, pack multiple bags, baby dressed and fed, leave by 7.50am.

Drive to Granny's, arrive around 8.45 depending on traffic, leave baby with Granny or take her to nursery.

Walk to work (or Granny drives me there if I'm lucky!). Get there by 9.30.

Work/drink tea/talk to grown ups/ run personal errands during lunch break, until leaving by 5.30.

Walk to nursery/Granny's, drive home/stay at Granny's, baby dinner, playing & bedtime routine, in bed by 7.30pm, sometimes needing encouragement for a couple of hours!

Unpack stuff, get things ready for the next day, tidying/cleaning, dinner, a bit of telly, bath (wash hair, saves time not doing it in the morning!), in bed before 11pm, hoping that baby will stay asleep until we wake up and do it all again. 

On the days I don't work it's harder and easier in different ways. There's no major rush to leave the house in the morning, if baby has a nap I can too (rarely happens as I usually just do cleaning etc), baby needs quite constant attention and entertaining, feeding and cleaning. I have to make food for us both for the rest of the week, generally sort things out in the home, keep her away from baby unfriendly items, I do get to watch a bit of telly if I'm feeling like a bad lazy parent, but there's no time to myself or adult company/encouragement. I make lists and tick things off of lists. I think about how to make more money and have more fun in life, but get too distracted to put thoughts into action. I run out of ideas for going out in the winter, we go to the park, do our weekly shopping, run errands, feel lonely, despair of what little remains of my youth, beauty and freedom, feel frustrated, but feel completely in love with my baby, excited about future possibilities and lucky that my main problem in life is boredom.