Monday, 1 April 2013

Where does time go?

So much happens in such a short space of time. My teeny tiny baby has grown so much I'm inclined to think her clothes are shrinking, and she's looking around at the world and it's people like she's ready to get involved. Yet it was only 14 weeks ago that she was scrunched up in my belly with no clue about the outside, suspended in and inhaling water. So much happens in such a short space of time. Is that what makes life go so quickly?

When I was 15 a month was an eternity. I was out dancing every weekend, bunking off school, going to gigs, discovering boys, feeling the highest highs and the lowest lows all within that short space of time. And I can remember it clearly. But aged 25, what was I doing at any given month? I can't remember. And chances are I wasn't doing as much as I was a decade previously. That's probably why I can't remember, and maybe why my twenties went so fast, because I didn't bulk them out to weigh them down.

Boo's life is going so fast because she's constantly on the move. In just 1% of my lifespan all this has happened to her, but for her it has taken a life time. I think as long as we are living in the moment, the moment will make space for us, and it might be a little less fleeting.